Columbia Building Group Inc.

Columbia's Company Objective
With over 35 years experience in general construction and as a self-employed contractor for over 30 years, I am able to provide the utmost quality of work in a timely manner. I take pride in all of the projects that are presented to me paying close attention to detail. My commitment and quality of my work is shown through my past and present projects. We take pride in being a Government approved contractor since 1996.

Our Experience & Background
Gonzales Inis Construction     1979-1981
Assisted in the building of homes in Loblolly Bay ranging in worth of $1-2 million dollars.
Gruber Construction, later partnering with Alps construction            1981-1995

Building various homes in Palm Beach County ranging in worth from $200,000-$2,000,000. Also, Building homes in Ironhorse Country Club Development with homes ranging from $200,000-$1.5 million dollars.

Columbia Building & Design Inc.            1996-Present 

Formed our own company with my wife and co-owner Carrie Gruber.

In 2001 we changed the name of the company to  Columbia Building Group Inc

Completed Projects & Descriptions
All projects are located at the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) which is a Naval testing range under the command of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC). The test range is located on Andros Island, Bahamas, approximately 180 miles southeast of West Palm Beach, FL. The AUTEC test range is a self-contained city, with its own primary power plant, water desalination plant, medical and fire departments, public works center, housing, and food services. Pacific Architects and Engineers, Inc. (PAE) is the maintenance and operations contractor for the AUTEC project.

Contract number: N66604-05-C-1277   PO  39732    
Contract value: $100,800
Completion date: March 2014
Contact and telephone number: Steven Westfall @ (561) 655-5155 Ext. 7248
Project description: A base wide water valve exercising project was performed to determine the state of the potable water valves resulting in the need for ten valves and five fire hydrants to be excavated and replaced. Columbia Building Group replaced the valves and hydrants, replaced and/or repaired damaged water lines, patched any removed concrete or asphalt with concrete, then flushed, sanitized and chlorinated all replaced lines and valves. All flushing, sanitizing and chlorination adhered to AWWA and SDWA standards, guidelines and regulations. 

Contract number: N66604-05-C-1277  PO 39730
Contract value: $43,700
Completion date: March 2014
Contact and telephone number: Rebecca Berardesco @ (561) 655-5155 Ext. 7261
Project description: The US Coast Guard Helicopter Shelter (USCG Hanger) is a tensioned fabric structure supported by a tubular steel frame on a concrete foundation. The existing shelter is approximately 4,760 square feet and is used as a cover for the WSCG helicopter and associated equipment. Due to weather events and a corrosive environment, the existing shelter structure became unsound and required replacement. Columbia Building Group provided the material, equipment and skilled labor to complete the project, which included the installation of a tensioned fabric structure (GFE), electrical service (wire, conduit, junction boxes, service panel, breakers, etc.), communication (conduit, junction boxes, etc.) and lighting.
Contract number: N66604-05-C-1277  PO 39644
Contract value: $98,000
Completion date: February 2014
Contact and telephone number: Rebecca Berardesco @ (561) 655-5155 Ext. 7261
Project description: Provided materials, equipment and skilled labor to perform security upgrades in a high security testing facility. The project consisted of replacing four air handling units and a fan-coil unit. New state of the art units, meeting the original design performance specifications, were installed as well as variable speed drives, ridge circulation, control system and associated new components such as control valves and isolation valves.
 Contract number: N66604-05-C-1277  PO 30810
 Contract value: $438,793
 Completion date: December 2012
 Contact and telephone number: Rebecca Berardesco @ (561) 655-5155 Ext. 7261
 Project description: Concrete Block Housing (CBH) Number 3 is a 7,524 square foot, efficiency style apartment building containing 20 permanent party occupancy rooms, laundry rooms and a central electrical room. The facility construction consists of a concrete foundation with concrete masonry unit walls with a stucco exterior finish and a sloped shingle roof. Apartment spaces contain a central living/bedroom area, closet and bathroom. CBH-3 had received no upgrades or renovations since its construction and retained the original plumbing and electrical systems. The intent of this project was to provide a better quality environment for permanent party personnel and to improve the condition of the facility by replacing the existing flooring with tile, renovating the bathrooms including new plumbing, upgrading the electrical supplying the facility, installation of  new kitchenettes and wall and ceiling installation and painting.

 Contract number: N66604-05-C-1277  PO 32275
 Contract value: $288,875
 Completion date: August 2012
 Contact and telephone number: Steven Westfall @ (561) 655-5155  Ext. 7248
 Project description: The work was performed on a well field which includes an intrusion trench system and wells and is supplemented by a catchment basin sump. Some of the wells were not operating due to either accumulated debris in the well or a non-functional pump. The purpose of the project was to bring the well field back into service. The work included excavation, trenching, installation of the jet pumps, plumbing and electrical runs and branches and incidental work.

Contract number: N66604-05-C-1277  PO 30758
Contract values: $238,525
Completion date: March 2012
Contact and telephone number: Denise Dubois @ (561) 655-5155 Ext. 7370
Project description: The project entailed roof repair of two existing housing trailers and installation of three new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) housing trailers. New foundation was created to support the FEMA trailers footprint and utility connection points. Minor repairs in the interior and exterior components were also done including repairing and/or replacing vents, light fixtures, bathroom hardware and outlets.

PO # 36375
Contract values: 615,863.70
Completion date: May 2014
Contact and telephone number: Rebecca Berardesco @ (561) 832-8566 Ext. 7261
Project description: The project entailed the remodel of 20 rooms from demolintion of old rooms to complete replacement of all demo items.