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Pavilion fabric buildings are better by design and better by function.  The combination of materials, engineering and quality craftsmanship produce a building that performs differently than a traditional metal building or wood building.  The result is a building that offers tremendous clearspan space advantages, maintenance and operations advantages, and interior environment advantages.  Pavilion Structures are engineered with More Steel, More Strength, and More Safety.

More Light = Brighter

The translucent nature of the fabric building covers allow for tremendous daylight transfer to the interior of the building.  The covers spread the light in a soft even manner which prevents shadows and provides a well lit and easy viewing experience.  Most building owners do not feel the need to turn the lights on during daylight hours.  At night time, when artificial lights are in use, the white underside of the covers reflect and distribute the light so that fewer light fixtures are needed.  Studies have shown benefits of light including human productivity and animal production.

Anti Corrosive = Longer Lasting

Fabric covers will not rust. In a corrosive environment some roof and wall systems become essentially a short term disposable product. Pavilion fabric building covers extend the useful life of your building.  The steel truss systems are all post welding hot dipped galvanized for premium rust protection.

Less Maintenance = More Time

Many traditional building designs require extensive maintenance, year after year. Painting, shingling, and stopping leaks are common maintenance activities on many buildings. Pavilion fabric building covers have U.V. inhibitors to resist color fade by the sun and do not require painting.  If, after many years of use, a cover needs to be replaced the old building cover is removed and replaced with a new cover, often in less time than would be required to shingle or re-tar a roof.

Quicker to Install = Quicker to Work

From foundation to finish, Pavilion fabric building installations are typically measured in weeks, not months. Some models and sizes can be completed in less than a single week.   Because the buildings are pre engineered, building components are modular and designed to get your building and your business, in use with minimal construction time.

Quieter Inside = Easier to Work

Metal and wood walled structures produce distracting echos which are bothersome to both people and livestock. Pavilion’s Spiderweave covers have sound dampening properties which reduce echo and create, instead, a hushed interior where sounds especially voices, carry easily. Instructors need not shout and employees can communicate with ease.

More Airtight = Less Air Loss

The Pavilion Spiderweave cover on the buildings have heat welded seams between large panel sections so that the roof and wall panels are continuous without spaces for air to escape.  By reducing air-loss, the amount of air requiring heating or cooling is reduced and systems are able to better control the air temperature and humidity levels.

More Attractive = More Noticeable

Pavilion Structures have a shape and color scheme that gets noticed.  Many commercial building are indistinguishable from one another but the wide selection of vibrant colors and bright white covers can make your building stand out, or fit in, as desired.

Cooler in Summer = More Comfort

The Spiderweave fabric used on Pavilion buildings has non-thermally conductive properties which reduce the transfer of heat from the sun to the building interior.  A metal building will radiate the heat of the sun and create an “oven effect”.  Pavilion fabric buildings feel much cooler on a hot summer day. Combined with the light transfer, pavilion building are able to provide a bright environment without the heat or UV of the sun.

Warmer in Winter= More Comfort

In the same way that a metal building will radiate heat from outside in, it will also radiate the cold quickly to a building’s interior.  The Spiderweave fabric used on Pavilion buildings has non-thermally conductive properties which reduce the transfer of cold from the outside to the inside of the building.

More Air = Fresh Air

The high peak height of Pavilion fabric buildings means more air volume in the buildings. In buildings with animals, such as dairy barns, horse stables, and riding arenas, the warm moist “bad air” will rise to the top and with proper ventilation will be expelled from the building. Cooler drier air with fewer pathogens a less odor will fill the space at ground level, improving the health and comfort level inside the building.

Modular Go Anywhere

Pavilion building models, including the Texan Series, the Walton Series, and Shop in a Box, are pre engineered and manufactured in modular sections so that buildings can be shipped to anywhere in the world, by truck, train, or sea container, and assembled on site according to engineering specifications and local building code requirements.

Fabric Advantages