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Carrie Gruber is the President of Columbia Building Group, Inc. Carrie went to college for business and continued on as a business woman in the garment industry for seven years.  While working with her father at the Ironhorse Country Club, her interests changed from the garment industry to the real estate industry. As her father began constructing buildings she moved more and more into the field of project contracting.



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Our Quality Control Team

Mr. Gruber Vice President gained the trust and respect of 
AUTEC's contracting officers and never left. Today however, although his heart will always be on Andros, he's ready to expand and bring Columbia to new and exciting places.

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Columbia Building Group, Inc. proudly employs US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management certified people. Utilizing their expertise they implement Construction Quality Control Plans (CQCP) for each project to ensure remedial and construction procedures are performed in compliance with the plans and specifications under all contracts and to provide a means to maintain effective quality control at all job sites. Columbia Building’s quality control measures include quality control organization; methods of performing, documenting, and enforcing quality control operations of both the prime subcontractor and their lower-tiered subcontractors (including inspection and testing); inspections to be performed; and protocol describing corrective actions.

 Overall management of the CQCP is the responsibility of the Contractor’s Quality Control Manager (QCM). The QCM has the authority to act in all construction quality control CQC matters and is responsible for ensuring that all materials and work comply with the contract specifications. All inspection and testing firms are at the disposal of the QCM to ensure that all aspects of work are compliant with the contract. The QCM reports any deviations from the CQCP to the On-site Project Manager.

    QCM responsibilities include:
        Preparing daily Quality Control Reports
        Performing and documenting field inspections
        Scheduling, reviewing, certifying and managing project submittals
        Maintaining the Submittal Register
        Providing coordination of required quality control testing, reviewing results and submitting
        Coordinating, documenting and tracking preparatory, initial and follow-up inspections
        Tracking construction deficiencies and ensuring timely corrective action
        Coordinating field sampling activities (as required)
        Reviewing calibration of test equipment (as necessary)
        Preparing addenda to the CQCP as necessary when additional phases of work are added
        Maintenance of as-built drawings
        Coordinating responses to vendors' requests for information and technical issues
        Serving as a main point of contact at the site for any questions and discussions on quality and technical issues
        Delegating duties to alternate QCMs and notifying respresentatives to whom what duties have been delegated 

The QCM will be responsible for implementing the CQC Plan by ensuring that quality materials and supplies are provided for the proposed project, and that good workmanship is provided in all aspects of this contract. The QCM will report directly to the On-site Project Manager and will complete daily site inspections to ensure compliance with the quality control specifications.
It is anticipated that the AUTEC representative and the Contractor’s QCM will meet frequently in order to forecast and/or prevent any potential problems from arising. An on-site quality control meeting will be conducted on a regular basis as part of the progress meetings in order to review performance during the previous period of work, and prepare for the upcoming periods of work. 

Columbia Building Group, Inc. is not just a business for Carrie and Mike Gruber. Since its establishment in 1996 they have strived to run their company as a family unit, with all it's members working together and supporting each other. This caring environment shows in the work that Columbia does. 

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